I am Woman, I am Fierce

Full disclosure: I stole the above title from something else I have seen today (and actually got it wrong….. anyway moving on). It’s the title of this post because it reminded me that I am fierce. Well, some days. Other days I am petty, jealous, mean spirted and I have in my life done or…

Not All Men

I started this in March 2021 after the murder of Sarah Everard. I haven’t updated it for the timings, which is why I am making this note. I have just logged on again after sometime (see my previous post) and saw the draft. With the sentencing of Sarah’s murderer, who will never know freedom again,…

Apparently, it’s October

After my first flourish of writing, ideas and looking through WordPress I got busy, distracted and a little low. I have only managed to write one piece this year and we are now October. Still, I will try and be better. That’s all we can do is try and be better. I have so many…

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