Apparently, it’s October

After my first flourish of writing, ideas and looking through WordPress I got busy, distracted and a little low. I have only managed to write one piece this year and we are now October. Still, I will try and be better. That’s all we can do is try and be better.

I have so many things I want to write about and I find myself thinking about what I would say but never writing it down. Right now, I think a lot about the anti-vaccination movement and other conspiracies that are abundant and how it seems to have taken hold of people I love. They are always talking about not living in fear but they seem to be the ones that are. Fear of the news, the vaccination and the government.  This isn’t quite an opinion piece on the vaccinations (I am pro and both my children are fully up to date with their vaccinations, as per the recommended schedule, as am I and my husband) I just think I wanted to put down my worry for those I love, not only of perhaps getting ill, but also the way their mind has twisted and they are so disproportionately angry with certain things. Myself I don’t see the logic in a lot of the content they are sharing and saying – it all seems to contradict, and none is backed up with actual evidence and all evidence contradicting them is considered not reliable – mainly conspiracy related!

I am Pro-Science and I know science isn’t perfect but it also, as a general rule, corrects itself when new data comes to light and can be tested and proven with consensus in the scientific community. I think that’s half the issue, people aren’t trusting it as they can see in real time the process.

I am in no way a scientific expert nor am I able to research in the same way as someone trained, but I trust the experts and I find it sad that the experts, also those generally in the medical field are being called lairs and accused of putting people in danger. I recently spent a few weeks in hospital and spoke to many nurses and doctors, they want to help and it is so upsetting for them to have these accusations made. I could go on but right in this moment I just want this to be about me being a bit sad and worried for those I love.

Anyway, I think the reason I haven’t written much/at all since January is I still don’t know what this blog is about and I am trying to define it too early. So for now, the above thoughts are topical and I will try and write a small piece every month at least to start off with and see how I get on.  Themes and subjects may well emerge and I would also like to post some old short stories I wrote many moons ago once I have done some tweaking.  I feel renewed vigour and hopeful that I can keep this up and maybe get a few more done before the year had ended! Wish me luck.

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Aspiring writer who finally took a step in the right direction by starting with a blog - let’s see how this goes

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